BERA     Gemi Acenteliği 

More than an agency


Full Agency Service in Seaports of Izmit bay and in All Turkish Seaports

(Yalova Shipyard-Autoport-Limas-Ford otosan-Tupras Refinery-Derince - Shell Derince-Rota port-Evyap-Gubretas-Igsas-Nuh Cement-Diliskelesi-Diler Hereke-Kroman-Yılport-Efesanport-Solventas-Poliport)


 Full Agency Services in Turkish Straits (bosphorus + dardanelles)

including provision,fresh water supply and crew repatriation


Agency Service for Part & Project Cargo loads especially from DERINCE and YILPORT

including lashing/securing/dunnaging the cargo onboard and supplement its materials

SAĞLAYAN Sitenhazir